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Issue overview

Important issue information


A short summary of the issue.

Double-click the text to edit it.


"Details" contains important information of the issue.

The information depends on the issue type.

Everything except the state can be changed inline via a click.


"Persons" shows everyone involved in the issue.

The account of the assignee is shown next to the assignee if he belongs to another account. An example of this are customer requests.

The assignee can be changed with the "assign"-button.


The most important dates of the issue are displayed here.

"postponed until" and "due on" can be changed.


A more in-depth description of the issue is found here.

The text can be changed by clicking on it.

DocumentsDocuments can be attached to the issue and later downloaded by other users.
HistoryAll changes and comments are listed in the history.


Log work

Work and time can be logged together with a description of your job to make a subsequent evaluation easier.

All logged working hours are totaled and shown at the issue. Select an employee or the total work time to open an overview of every single log.

Attach document

Documents can be attached to the issue and later be downloaded by other users.
Watch issue

Observe an issue to stay informed about its progress, even when not involved in the progress.

Issue notifications determine what you're being informed about aus a watcher, creator or assignee.

Mark issue as private

Private issues can only be viewed by users that belong to the same organisation as the assignee.
Add comment

Use comments to share information about the issue with other users.

Comments are shown in the issue history.


An issue is assigned to another employee.

Depending on the issue type, the assignee could be an intern of your own organisation, an external person (for example of the Hörburger AG) or your own customer.

State of an issue

Start progress

Starts the progress and changes the issue state from "open" to "in progress".
Stop progress

Stop the progress. The issue will change back to the state "open".
Finish progress

Closes the issue once everything is done.

You can continue watching closed issues as well as adding documents and comments.

Reopen issue

Reopens an issue and changes its state back to "open".

The states in the flow chart and table are only examples of possible options for issue types like "task" or "fault". They can be individually adjusted for each issue type.