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QRL stands for "QBRX Resource Locator". A QRL addresses facilities in QBRX and their resources. 

<resource type>:[<facility path>]:<resource>

We use QRLs to identify facilities and resources in QBRX. They could, for instance, be used to address data points.

QBRX can refer to facilities and their resources, like properties, documents or data points. In this article, we'll be talking about the general structure of QRLs and some practical examples on how to refer to facilities and single resources in QBRX.

Absolute and relative paths

A path is a string, that refers to a facility inside a hierarchical structure.

Paths can be absolute or relative.

Absolute paths lead explicitly to the addressed facility. Such strings are used to explicitly identify a certain facility or resource. 

The outcome of a relative path depends on its current place of reference. Relative paths are useful for data points, that refer to other data points, because all of the references still work, even after moving a facility.

Addressing facilities

A facility is referred to like this:

fac:<facility path>

The QRL consists of two parts:

  • Resource type "fac"
  • Path of the facility
    • Absolute: /<Facility-Key> - leads to a facility
    • Relative: .. - leads to a parent-facility
    • <facility path>/<facility key> - leads to a sub-facility

Addressing facility resources

A facility resource is referred to like this:

<resource type>:[<facility path>]:<resource>

The QRL consists of three parts:

  • Resource type
    • "doc" - documents
    • "dp" - data points
    • "prop" - properties
  • Facility path
  • Resource (key)
    • Name of a resource, data point or property


ApplicationAddress structureTypeQRL
Addressing a single Facility

Facility path and facility key



Parent-facility and facility key



Facility key



Addressing a single DocumentFacility path and resource keyabsolute


Resource keyrelative


Addressing a data pointFacility path and resource keyabsolute


parent-facility, facility key and resource keyrelative


parent-facility and resource keyrelative


resource keyabsolute